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How I Can Help YOU:

Are you feeling stuck in life? Unable to move forward? Are you experiencing a life transition? Not sure about what action to take or how to formulate meaningful goals? Tired of feeling alone and misunderstood? Not sure about what to do next and feeling confused?

You are not alone – this is exactly where coaching can be most helpful!

As your coach, I can guide you through specific powerful action-oriented processes that have helped my clients create a clear path forward! Confusion transforms into clarity, being stuck transforms into a clear action-oriented plan, and loneliness transforms into connection!

I will guide you to: identify the problem, create an ideal vision for your desired outcome, remove the blocks that get in the way, and take actionable steps toward your goal with me as your accountability partner.

Coaching is neither counseling nor therapy. It is a confidential partnership with an action and solution oriented way of moving forward.

My education, background, experience, training, and attuned intuition will enable us to customize a process that works best for you!

Every client is unique and every session is different – you will leave each session with a plan and actionable steps to move you toward your desired outcome!

YOU ARE WORTH IT, DEAR SOUL! You are SO worth it!

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What My Clients Have to Say:

“Kathy is the most amazing human being and life coach I have ever met! She is so caring and so intuitive. She has helped me overcome a lot of my blocks. Kathy has helped me connect to my truest self and become more confident in myself and my decisions. I love her spiritual approach to life and life coaching, it is very wholesome. I would recommend Kathy to anyone in a heartbeat!” – D.K.

“Coaching with Kathy has been a great experience.  I worked with Kathy on a variety of areas over a six week period and was pleasantly surprised with her knowledge and professionalism.  She focused on areas that I felt I needed work and gave me solid “homework” after each session.  One thing that stood out for me was Kathy’s extraordinary ability to listen and actually “hear” what I was saying at each session which allowed her to target exercises to my precise needs.  I would definitely recommend Kathy as a life coach who genuinely listens and cares.” – T.M.

“Kathy is an excellent life coach! She is compassionate, warm, and understanding. She’s helped me gain clarity on what is truly important to me, while helping me view situations in my life from a healthier and more realistic perspective. She’s also helped me to understand my emotions better and set me on a pathway to make positive and lasting changes in my life. My sessions with Kathy have allowed me to realize that I can truly accomplish my dreams and goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend her!” – S.B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is an action-oriented process which focuses on the future. You will explore and identify your ideal outcome around a self-selected topic, create a plan, identify and remove any blocks, and create actionable steps.

Is Coaching a Type of Therapy?

Coaching is neither counseling nor therapy/psycho-therapy.

Many people choose to work with both a therapist AND a coach, but a Spiritual Life Coach is not a licensed therapist.

Who Hires a Life Coach?

Coaches are hired for an infinite number of reasons! Coaching sessions can be focused around any one of the major life domains including: relationships, career, finances, life-transitions, developing a spiritual practice, etc. Whatever you are struggling with, coaching can support!

How Does One Become Life Coach?

In order to become a coach, I went through classroom training, supervised practicum, and comprehensive examination.

Contact me at for a free consultation! I look forward to meeting you!