About Me…

I am a certified Life Coach, have a Master’s Degree in Education, and have been a meditation instructor for more than 10 years.

Life Coaching at Sacred Doorway is an individualized and holistic approach to personal transformation using specific action-oriented techniques to help you move toward your goals faster!

How I became a Life Coach:

At one point years ago, I woke up from what felt like a deep sleep only to find myself with a sense of deep discontent and living a life that felt like it no longer “fit”.

Steeped in the confusion about what to do, I felt paralyzed with fear as I tried to figure out what my next step was. At a loss for where to take action, the universe seemed to take over and forced me to make some changes… and in nearly one swoop, I experienced a sequence of huge losses.

Most of the things I believed made me, me, changed in what felt like an instant. The very foundation of what I believed to be “Kathy” seemed to crumble before my eyes. During this time, my life felt unbearably painful, lonely, and disconnected.

Despite my grief and despair, a seed of hope remained, and I felt strongly that I had to find a new way of experiencing life. The gift of the loss was that I was given the time and opportunity to look at what really mattered to me.

This was when I decided that I wanted my life to stand for truth, freedom, love, and connection. I wanted to find my way toward happiness, no matter what it took.

…I deeply wanted to learn to live a more empowered life! This is where my transformation really began to change my life from the inside-out.

It began with becoming willing to admit that I didn’t know what to do and that I needed support. I also had to finally decide that I was worth the time and effort.

This took me down a long path involving a variety of self-help techniques, trainings, coaching, spiritual groups, and theraputic supports.

As a result of discovering my own path to living a more joyful, abundant, connected and loving life; I became powerfully excited about becoming an action-oriented, compassionate, and caring guide for others who wanted to do the same thing!

And so, I became a Spiritual Life Coach!

For questions or a free consultation, contact me at Sacred.doorway@gmail.com!

My Passion

I am passionate about personal transformation. I can guide and support you as you learn to live your most loving, truthful, and connected life by identifying and releasing all of the blocks that no longer serve you!

Coaching is a confidential partnership that focuses completely on your needs, and is a co-created space for transformation. I feel incredibly passionate about catalyzing positive change through the use of specific coaching techniques which help you move toward uncovering the truest part of yourself so that you may live the type of life you want!

I am committed to coaching you every step of the way!